Ten out of ten novice bodybuilders wondering: - "For how long can build muscle?" There are, bigmuscles24.com asked, scratching his head instead of swing. Finding no response - just throw training, referring to mediocre spent time or something like that. Or, find personal trainers that money tell them about different for all digital. To know the time in which you get the body bigmuscles24.com of your dreams - you need to know yourself well: their genetic endowments, spiritual - What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve the goal, and the like ... The main criteria on which the lines of the body of the pump depends on: - Genetics; - Motivation; - Cash. 1. Genetics . Genetics plays a minor role. Depending on your body, bigmuscles24.com whether it be an ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph depends not only on the rate of recruitment of muscle mass, but also the future potential. Ectomorph - this is the usual thin man (thin bones, not very broad shoulders ...) with good relief, the main drawback - it is very difficult to gain weight. Mesomorph - a larger view, it is easier to gain muscle mass and also may save the relief. Endomorph - a "hero", but has no such relief as the other two. That is, if you endomorph, Tova will not be able to have relief body, but you will be very big and strong. Your body depends on your ancestors. People whose ancestors were nomads - a thin and poorly gaining weight. And those people whose ancestors were sedentary, larger and easier to weight gain. 2. Motivation bestoralsteroid.biz. Genetically gifted though and plays an important role, but not bigmuscles24.com this "wish" \ "want" \ "Do not give up", in other words - the motivation, you are unlikely lidostignite at least some success. If you had at least a super genetics, but without the stimulus - the result will be. According to the statistics of success mined people with not very impressive genetics, at least remember Arnold Schwarzenegger, that profit is very thin, and what has been achieved? ... 3. Cash . Well, of course - with no money in any way. As would be sad as it may sound, but without them you hardly will bigmuscles24.com type weight. After all, for a set of masses need to buy good food, not semi-finished products, and trash and healthy natural food and a lot of. You need to spend money on sports nutrition , although this is not necessarily the case when you are good already eat. Just Priplyusuet here to repay the subscription to the gym and other expenses. Conclusion . No matter what you build, and how much money you have. If you have something of the like - you will overcome all obstacles and achieve the goal, regardless of the amount of wasted time and effort.

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